What we do

Akkadian International Ltd offers safety and security solutions designed to enhance the impact and success of international corporations, agencies, governments and companies operating in post-conflict, conflict and conventional markets by providing relevant, tailored and socially responsible 360 degree solutions through strategic operational intelligence, development management, training and risk mitigation strategies. Our methodology is culturally sensitive, forward thinking and adaptable to changing circumstances.

The synergy between our training and consultancy services creates a cohesive and integrated approach to security and medical risk management, enabling organisations to meet their duty of care and compliance requirements.

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How We do it

Many of our consultants also have roles in the company as trainers, ensuring they are up to date with the latest techniques and best practices in their respective fields. Similarly, our consultancy practice provides our training services with practical experience and real-world examples of challenges and opportunities faced by clients. These insights enrich the training programmes and material, making it more relevant and engaging for the trainees.