Medical coordination services are essential when local resources are limited and logistics are complicated, particularly with no air movement.  The Akkadian service is manned by Western Trained [FVEY] Medical Professionals, typically a Paramedic with extended skills in Critical Care, and available 24/7, to deploy within 1 hour or less, on activation, to a client site to provide emergency medical support stabilization.

Our experienced team can then coordinate the initial response, CASEVAC, and assess the patient's medical condition at the nearest medical facility. We work with the medical providers, insurance personnel, and, at times, the patient's family to recommend the best care options and provide follow-on care and coordination for the MEDEVAC phase.

Our 24/7 Operations room staffed by a team of medical and crisis management professionals experienced in medical case management and crisis response. Our team can also coordinate administration and payment. Our tracking technology - installed on our servers and smartphones - uses next-generation location technology and AI to help manage the response to critical incidents and emergency alerts. 

By partnering with us, organizations gain access to a highly skilled team with years of field experience managing equivalent operations.