Risk Advisors to Media Teams

Our High-Risk Advisors have worked with Tier 1 frontline media teams for over three years. They have excellent local knowledge of major conflict areas and a broad range of medical, security and risk management skills.

Our consultants are stringently vetted and have impeccable careers in the military with SIA and Paramedic qualifications (FREC 3 or 4). They had excellent local knowledge and a deep understanding of region-specific threats.

We understand that media teams need to be on the ground to get the story - and sometimes, this means pushing boundaries. Our High-Risk Advisors instinctively respect journalists and crews – they understand that most have had years of experience in conflict zones. They know they need to fit in, be part of the team and help achieve the editorial objective. But they also understand that they are there to ensure the crew's safety, and managing the team's risk is their responsibility - they know when and how to move out of trouble.

Most of our consultants are qualified instructors and spend part of their time instructing on medical, HEAT and security risk management courses. We have operational hubs in Ukraine, UAE, Nairobi, and Eribil, enabling us to support media teams in the field.