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We, humans, are poor at assessing risk. We overestimate the risk of dramatic and rare events, such as terrorist attacks, and underestimate the dangers of commonplace risks, such as car accidents. The situation remains the same in conflict or post-conflict areas - mostly because instability exacerbates safety risks on the road and hampers medical response. Investing in driver training is one of the most meaningful preventive measures an organisation can take to look after the safety of its personnel.


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Course Summary

The Akkadian Driving Course aims to teach drivers the necessary basic techniques and skills to become safe and competent drivers in all types of weather and conditions, day and night. Driver training packages are a four-day course delivered by a qualified Advanced Driver and Driving Assessor; training will consider the challenging driving conditions in some parts of Ukraine.

The modules covered in the course are; Driving Policy and Responsibilities, vehicle preparation, cockpit drills, the system of car control, hazard awareness and observation, braking/steering/cornering, adverse weather and night driving, alcohol and drugs and fatigue management, driving assessments, Passenger Security Safety and Comfort.

This course is designed for international development aid organisations, NGOs and media companies with national drivers who want to bring the standards up to international levels. Once the learners have completed the course, they will understand how to handle vehicles safely and receive an Akkadian certification for defensive driving.

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